Intraocular Lens

Power, asphericity and modulation transfer function (MTF) are major parameters to be measured at the end of intraocular lenses manufacturing production. This is mandatory to guarantee a consistent product quality and to insure the patient will get the best visual results with the implanted lens. For your most complex refractive IOLs, you’ll find the answer to all your needs from R&D to mass production with the NIMO TR0815 and NIMO MATRIX. All your refractive & diffractive IOLs can be measured in full compliance with the ISO 11979-2 standard with the PMTF.


NIMO Matrix

NIMO Matrix offers the full range of capacities of the NIMO TR0815, albeit fully automated.


Nimo TR0815 & Nimo VISU

NIMO TR0815 measures every type of refractive intraocular lenses, whether wet or dry, monofocal, toric, multifocal or multifocal toric. Dimensional control is also available with the high resolution NIMO VISU



Designed to offer lens manufacturers real-time, high quality measurements of the optical power and MTF for every type of intraocular lenses (refractive & diffractive).