Lambda-X designs, develops and manufactures optical & metrology systems as well as subsystems for Space, Defence & Industry.

Active since 1996 and recognised as a key player in the space sector, Lambda-X has developed and manufactured more than 30 instruments that have been deployed in Space.

Lambda-X has gained its strong technological and managerial know-how by participating, as project group member or as project leader, in various challenging space and aerospace research programmes. This expertise has allowed the company to expand its activities into a wide selection of industries where Lambda-X provides high level optical engineering services based on a broad range of optical technologies.

By working in close cooperation with its customers, and thanks to its expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics and software, Lambda-X is able to provide the most suitable solutions to many complex industrial metrology challenges. Lambda-X’s constant concern is to deliver its customers maximised cost/performance ratios as well as fast and reliable after sales service.

Lambda-X’s activities cover the conception of solutions tailored to customers’ specifications as well as the improvement of existing systems. The services proposed are ranging from concept development up to the serial production of certified/qualified products.

Additionally, Lambda-X has developed a proprietary range of instruments capable of quantifying the optical properties of ophthalmic corrective elements (such as spectacles, contact and intraocular lenses), as well as reflective surfaces such as mirrors. Those robust and fast instruments are typically used for quality control in both R&D and production environments.

Since January 2015, Lambda-X is a member of the MastersInInnovation Group.

Finally, in a constant strive to improve the quality of its services and products; mid-2017, we decided to expand our premises up to 3.000 square metres hosting commercial administrative and technical team offices and more than 650 square metres of ISO-7 and ISO-8 clean room and integration areas.