“The beauty of innovation lies in the fact that it is within reach of everybody on the planet. It is an endogen capacity of mankind for growth and value creation. It basically is an intellectual exercise shadowing all other competitive advantages that in most cases are only temporary”

Paul Verhaert, Founder in 1969.

Masters in innovation

We are a group of product development companies with Verhaert as majority shareholder. Our roots go back to 1969, we designed more than 1.000 products. With a highly educated multidisciplinary staff of over 175 employees we realize an annual turnover of over 25M€.

We believe innovation is one of the few instruments to create sustaining added value and with that welfare for all of us. Therefore we should master it to the best we can. That is why it is our mission to be Masters in innovation.

We differentiate by “Concrete ideation”, an ability to combine highly conceptual thinking with profound know-how and a practical attitude. This makes us a reliable, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial partner for our clients.

We realize this by our T-profile, combining multidisciplinary thinking with in depth discipline know how. In a world with increasing complexity, nowadays speed of technology and scarcity of resources, this is more and more a challenge, also for our customers.

We manage this by our group structure conceived around Verhaert as integrated product development company with specialist daughter companies in on-site, optical and digital product development.

We market our product development services through 5 brands:

  • Verhaert, integrated product development

  • Moebius, on-site product development

  • Load, digital products development

  • Lambda-X, optical products development

  • Pegusapps, Sw applications development

We deliver our specialist services independently to the market or integrated through Verhaert.

As a group we support our companies with our umbrella brand Masters in Innovation, cross entity expert networks, a joined platform for customer relation management and business monitoring, an active community for professional innovators, and shared facilities.

By doing so we create value for both our customers and employees. We become attractive for talent and independent research, design and engineering companies and professionals looking for growth.